How to Create an At Home Yoga Studio

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How to Create an At Home Yoga Studio

Think about your favorite yoga studio that you have been to. Beyond the instructors, think about why you love it. Is it the light, the aesthetic, or maybe a certain scent that helps you to be present in that space? It's so great finding spaces, especially for yoga, that really resonate with us. However, how can we bring that same feeling within our homes when practicing yoga?

Personally speaking, I used to associate practicing at home as a lesser experience than than heading to my favorite yoga studios. The more I began flowing at home to advance my yoga practice, I more realized that I could recreate that same feeling I get from my favorite studios in my own home. By creating a calm space that was functional, yet beautiful to me, I would look forward to practicing at home more.

So I decided to create my own yoga sanctuary, and you can too with these tips!

Read on for how to make an at home yoga studio and create a comfortable and beautiful space for your yoga practice

How to Set Up a Yoga Studio at Home

Find your spot

Find an area that allows you to focus on your practice

Find an area in your home that allows you to focus on your practice

First, you need to find that spot that you would like to designate as your at home yoga studio. It doesn't have to be large space, just enough room for your mat to exist comfortably, free from any obstructions and distractions. If you don't have an extra room that you can devote to yoga, no worries. It's ok if you need to get a bit more creative and flexible in creating a space for you to practice. If a small space is all you have, accept it. Just try to make this yoga space as quiet and uncluttered as you can.

Roll your mat out

This might be a no-brainer, but once you have cleared a space for your at home yoga practice -- it's time to roll that mat out! If you don't have a yoga mat already, I got you! Though there are so many choices out there for yoga mats, I highly recommend Manduka PRO Extra Large yoga mat. It provides an excellent amount of cushion for my practice and is long enough so I can move freely without touching the floor. It's such a durable mat that you'll definitely be using it for many years of continuous practice! Though this mat is an investment, it's worth paying up for something that will suit your needs and last a long time.


Props are a great way to aid and build your practice. Yoga blocks, straps, blankets, and bolsters are the usual props you can find and likely use at your local yoga studio, and can be a great addition to your at home yoga studio. However, if you are just starting out and don't already have these props, you can use household items in the meantime. Instead of blocks, use some large books. A belt is a great substitute for a strap. Grab a few pillows to use as a bolster. Also, an empty wall is a great (and necessary) way to practice inversions. Yoga is not about what having all the accessories, but actually using them to build your practice.

Set the mood with lighting

Once you have your basic at home yoga studio necessities, now its time to start making your yoga space your own. I personally love setting up my mat up in the sunlight. If that isn't possible, you can create some serious atmosphere by using mood lighting like candles or dimmable lamps.

Bless your space with a scent

My favorite way to sanctify my at home yoga space before I begin my practice is to burn a bit of Palo Santo. For you that might me light a little candle, burning some sage, or just spraying a scent. Whatever ever that is, make sure you are consistent, as it will become apart of your yoga practice routine.


Get creative and make your yoga space your own

Get creative and make your home yoga studio your own

Now for the fun part -- it's time to decorate! Try not to go over the top, you still want this space to be functional for your practice. Keep it simple and intentional by including items that you find functional, beautiful, and encourage a calming energy. Before you start a shopping frenzy, take a honest look at what you can already use in your home.

If you are interested in the items I have on the wall in my yoga space, you can find them at the following Amazon links: wall hanging fringe curtain, ceramic hanging planters, and inhale/exhale wall art (unframed). Plus they are all under $25!

Be realistic

Now that you have your home yoga sanctuary, set realistic goals for yourself! You can have all the right equipment and feel like you have set up your perfect home yoga studio, but you need to start slow. If you are new to yoga, start with a few beginner sequences. If you aren't sure where to start, use the many yoga streaming services that are out there! These platforms will help you create the foundation to build on your practice.

Keep it clean!

Manduka Yoga Mat Spray - Lavender

Manduka Yoga Mat Spray - Lavender

One last tip -- for your home yoga studio to be your sanctuary, you've got to keep it clean! Maybe that means putting your props away after use or cleaning your mat with mat wash before rolling it away. That way your yoga space is feeling and smelling fresh after use. It's important to leave this space just as clear as you found it, so you can actually look forward to practicing on it again (rather than cleaning it up).

Hopefully these tips are useful in helping you create the best space you can to enjoy your yoga practice at home!

Written by Mia Caine, @the_healthlete

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